jay t. kuiper

biblical hangovers and amateur photography

Aphorisms II: nesting, typos, the prodigal son

If you tell a story and come out the hero, you’ve skipped a long chunk in the middle.

Autumn leaves

As my property stands now, tree branches have overgrown it, the garden box is six times its height in twisted vine, the lawn can hide my dog, and a rat has bored a maze through my dried compost bins.

Aphorisms I: weather, sex, victuals

DJs mix metaphors better than anyone.

Church coffee

There’s no moral outrage when you say, “I grandma-creamed my coffee.” I wonder why the double standard.

Paul’s charge to Timothy

I am in a large bathroom, glossy and beige the way rich people like them, granite countertops, fake mineral veins in the tile, lit dimly for the mood is 7:30 p.m.

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