Written 1 year ago today

A: What I write has gone through some sort of drunk’s transformation. No will behind it, no force, no habit, no consistency. Should never have stopped reading. Job one, as it were.

B: Tell me more about the definition of sanity.

A: Insanity’s when you do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Sanity may be to expect the same result?

B: Both sound mad as hell.

A: Yeah, didn’t feel like a good answer.

B: Cold season’s coming.

A: It’s just allergies.

B: No, cold. Frio. Brr. Autumn, with rain and everything.

A: Ah, sweater season.

B: The dark place.

A: I don’t think we need to go there.

B: You want force behind your writing, yeah?

A: I want to write a play again. I miss our back-and-forths.


A: I said I miss our back-and-forths, miss talking with you. You know the wrong thing to say. Every time. My daemon.


A: Demon? No “a?” I said I miss you? I have no idea about the definition of sanity.

From the morass

See above.

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